The New "Learn iOS 9 App Development with Xcode 7 and Swift 2" Course is Here!

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"Love love your videos! I made my first app with Swift! I cant believe it since I am a Genetics grad and coding was something out of my scope. Thanks for getting me interested in coding. One of the best tutorial videos I have ever seen. Please make more videos :)" 

"Wow please keep making more Swift lessons. To be honest you have a better teaching style than the Treehouse lessons Ive been paying for. I've learned more from you for free than from them."

"Code Lady, you rock! Thank you for the Swift tutorials!!!"

"Great video! You are an incredible teacher! Please, for the love of God, make more videos! Perhaps make one on creating a drop down menu, and allowing the selected items within the menu to take the user to a new page."

"These are great videos. The best I have seen. You are a natural teacher and doing a great job. Is is possible that down the road you can do a video on using Swift with SQlite? That would greatly be appreciated."

"These are the best Swift tutorials available. No one goes into depth like you do. As someone who has never programmed before, it gets quite frustrating when the teachers go from functions -> creating fully functioning apps and not taking any time to explain why you are typing something or how it relates to everything else. Thank you so much for these!"

"Great tutorial! I am learning Swift as my second programming language after doing a bit of programming in Visual Basic 6. It's obviously a big step up, but videos like this really help. I'm able to make some good progress with my first app!"

"Thanks a lot codeLady for amazing Tutorial! Myself being a developer and a mom your tutorial helped me to easily get started with swift!! thanks a lot."

"I am a female and I thank you for the great tutorial. Hope you continue to post more swift tutorials!"

"Great Video series please keep making such great tutorials."

"You are really great at explaining things well and your videos are wonderful!!" 

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